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This series of four webinars over the next few months includes interactive sessions on nutrition, exercise, general wellbeing and mental wellbeing. And best of all, they’re completely free. All Healthy Bytes X webinars are presented by CBHS Wellness Consultants who are allied health professionals.

Meditation for the mind and body

Thursday 6 August @ 12pm
with Alia, CBHS Wellness Consultant and exercise physiologist.

This session will teach you how mindfulness can promote health, wellbeing and personal effectiveness. You will learn some practical skills on how to apply mindfulness to your daily life, and some of the science behind the practice.

What’s on your plate?

Monday 24 August @ 6pm
with Nina, CBHS Wellness Consultant and accredited practicing dietitian.

Do you find yourself staring at the labels on your food products trying to decipher what it all means? We will teach you some tips and tricks to choose healthier foods and drinks without relying on health claims on the label.

Healthy snacking

Wednesday 2 September @ 2pm
with Kassandra & Julia, CBHS Wellness Consultants and nutritionists.

Unsure on what to reach for when you feel like a snack? Our nutritionists will take you through some quick, healthy and delicious snack options that keep your energy levels stable, so you stay full and sustained throughout the day.

Posture & joint mobility workshop

Tuesday 15 September @ 12pm
with Tyler, CBHS Wellness Consultant & exercise scientist.

This session is about how the way you sit and stand can impact your whole body. You will learn how to self-assess your posture and mobility, and some practical daily exercises you can do at home to ensure your keep your body working the way it is designed to.

You can attend just one, or all four of these if you’re super keen! You’ll be able to join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device. We’ll send you the link to join one hour before your session.

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